Comprehensive List of Graduate Courses

The following is a list of all graduate level courses related to Indigenous issues as listed in the University of Saskatchewan's course catalogue and organized by department. Students are also advised to check departmental timetables as many departments also offer graduate level courses on specialized topics that may  include discussion of Aboriginal issues in certain years.

Master of Education Cohorts

Lifelong Learning Cohort

The Lifelong Learning cohort is a group of students taking a course-based master's degree in Educational Foundations specifically designed for those with an active interest in the adult learning community. The learning themes of this cohort integrate a focus on the rich complexities of adult learning, emphasizing the holistic, critical, contextual, transformative, and practical nature of adult learning theory and practice.

Land-Based Indigenous Cohort

The Land-Based Indigenous Cohort is in progress.  The next intake will be for the Summer, 2016 - Please watch for updates.

This course based graduate program offers intensive land-based institutes where students take graduate level courses framed within an Indigenous paradigm and taught primarily by Indigenous faculty. The Land-Based Indigenous Education cohort supports and accommodates students who are unable to commit to long periods of study away from home. Students are required to live on-site for the duration of institutes (2 weeks each) so that contact hours with faculty, Indigenous communities and the land are maximized.Two online courses supplement graduate course work.

Critical Environment Education Cohort

This course-based Master of Education (M Ed.) program of study requires successful completion of 10 three-credit courses in total. Offered in a blended-delivery format that allows study from a distance, three Summer Institutes of two-courses each are offered in two-four week blocks in the summers of 2014, 2015, and 2016. The final institute includes a capstone component.  One on-line course per term is offered in the Fall and in the Winter of 2014-15 and 2015-16.  Cohort participants are expected to follow the prescribed courses as laid out by the department.

This program explores core themes of relational learning, social and environmental justice, local and global tensions/ possibilities, and literature and the arts in learning.

Aboriginal Education Cohort

The Department of Educational Foundations welcomes applications into a program of study leading to a Master of Education focused on Aboriginal Education.  Accepted students will take ten courses in a blended delivery format (on-campus and on-line).   The program of study is designed to assist teachers and other educators understand the socio-political context of Aboriginal education and to enhance Aboriginal students’ success in learning. Combining foundational and practical classes in anti-racism, curricular philosophy, history, governance, and pedagogy, participants will develop a broad understanding of Indigenous issues and specific strategies to ensure strong student engagement.

Recommended Readings

This is a list of readings that will benefit anyone who wishes to learn more about Indigenous reseach, education and practice.