AERC's Goals

  • Research and study the needs of Indigenous student populations, successful pedagogy and practices, and experimental methods to shape future policy and directions of provincial and band schools;
  • Improve the educational capacity of schools to retain and meet the needs of Indigenous students, while improving the knowledge and sensitivity of other students and school staff to Indigenous peoples;
  • Develop supportive partnerships with Indigenous communities, elders, institutions and organizations;
  • Build local and Canadian capacity to value and learn from the knowledge and educational practices of diverse Indigenous peoples;
  • Mobilize knowledge and practices among educational institutions through dialogue, conferences, publications, and websites about Indigenous education;
  • Develop research activities as decolonizing methods to improve Indigenous education across disciplines, throughout Canada and internationally;
  • Facilitate dialogues with Indigenous communities, organizations and elders to develop collaborative protocols and practices for ethical research, learning, and teaching;
  • Support and enrich graduate students and faculty in scholarly interest and subsequent research in Indigenous education; and
  • Create local, provincial, national and international partnerships with other pre-eminent universities and groups.