Faculty Collaborators

Dr. Marie Battiste
Professor Emerita, Education Foundations
Research areas: violence prevention among youth; Indigenous/Aboriginal education, knowledge, languages, and humanities; initiating institutional change in the decolonization of education, social justice policy and power; postcolonial educational approaches that recognize and affirm the political and cultural diversity of Canada; and the collective healing required for transformation from colonialism, culturalism, and cognitive imperialism

Dr. Alex Wilson
Professor, Education Foundations and Academic Director, AERC
Research Areas: anti-oppresive education; social justice; social movements; gender and sexual orientation

Dr. Margaret Kovach, Professor Emerita, Educational Foundations, and Professor, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

Research areas: Indigenous curriculum development; indigenous research methodologies; indigenous higher learning; distance education; and adult education

Dr. Tim Claypool, Adjunct Professor, Department of Educational Psychology and Special Education
Research areas: Practices that promote success experiences for Aboriginal students in public schools and post-secondary institutions, interdisciplinary collaboration in graduate programs, e.g., School and Counselling Psychology, and innovation in the delivery of psychological services in schools, e.g., Response to Intervention.

Dr. Janet McVittie
Assistant Professor, Education Foundations
Research areas: place based/sustainability education; social justice and critical issues; inquiry and assement for learning; creating of learning communities

Academic Partnerships

  • Department of Education Foundations, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan
  • Department of Education Psychology, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan
  • Beadwork Group, College of Education, University of Saskatchewan
  • School of Environment and Sustainability
  • Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy
  • Native Law Centre
  • Edwards School of Business

Also Principal Investigators, collaborators, researchers from the following insitutions: University of Western Ontario; Dalhousie University; University of British Columbia; University of Toronto, First Nations University of Canada; Cape Breton University; St Thomas University; Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey; University of Waikato

Partner Institutions & Community Collaborators

  • Urban Aboriginal Knowledge Network
  • TransSask Support Services, Inc.
  • Out Saskatoon
  • Prince Albert Q-network
  • Central Urban Metis Federation Inc.
  • Two-Spirited People of Manitoba Inc.
  • Saskatoon Tribal Council
  • The Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division
  • First Nations and Higher Education Consortium
  • Community Initatives Fund
  • Centre for Addictions and Mental Health
  • Aboriginal Learning Knowledge Centre
  • Canadian Council on Learning
  • Safe School Network
  • Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre
  • Office of the Treaty Commissioner
  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Education
  • Health Canada
  • Saskatchewan Health